The next generation of Utility NFT's

Landlord is a utility based NFT project that purchases land within the Metaverse, then rents the lands to advertisers, game developers and other entrepreneurs. Then the smart contract will distribute the generated income to holders weekly, automatically!

4006 Hand Drawn Unique NFT's

Landlord consists of 4006 NFT's, completely hand drawn and unique. The collection includes 3998 random artworks with 65 traits, 7 amazing 1 of 1's and 1 LEGENDARY! The collection will live on the Ethereum Blockchain next to some of the biggest Blue-Chip projects

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Metaverse Land

Quality over quantity

Our main objective is to secure large lands in high traffic locations. 3x3 or 6x6 Estates will allow us to secure P2E game developers, entrepreneurs and advertisers. Once all the Sandbox land is released and owned, the price will sky rocket, leaving the large lands virtually impossible to buy, so developers will need land to rent. Big P2E games need big lands. That's where we come in. Our focus will be fewer but bigger estates with established companies and brands!

You will be close to

What Makes Landlord Different

Landlord is the next generation of utility NFT's. So many NFT projects claim exuberant prizes like Lambo's, Tesla's or worldwide meet-ups that many investors cant even attend. We reward our investors with passive income, every week, for doing nothing but holding their NFT.

Passive Income Utility NFT

Multiple income streams lead to wealth and financial freedom. Landlord can be your first or next passive income stream.

Weekly deposits:

Our Landlord NFT DAO will collect the rental profits and grow them with interest in the Vault. Landlord NFT holders can then choose to let their profits grow, or withdraw and spend them!

Genesis Landlords

Own 3 or more Genesis Landlords and you’ll receive additional income from Opensea Royalties!

Appreciating Rental Income

Rental profits are paid in cryptocurrency - an appreciating asset. This is the advantage of renting in the metaverse that in real-life, where rent is paid in a cash - a depreciating asset.

Early Bird Gets the Land

We are still early to the Metaverse take-off! Securing lands while they are relatively cheap puts the project in a great position to increase the rent charged when the properties sky rocket! In the mean time, enjoy our awesome community and rewards!


We are giving away 40 Landlord NFT’s, 4 Sandbox lands and 76 ETH back to our holders! Get your Landlord NFT and participate in these insane giveaways!

Participate in the next biggest NFT project

With huge potential and possibilities, Landlord is at the forefront to become the next biggest project! With realistic and proven utilities, it is going to be massive!

Deposit 60 ETH to holders over 12 Months:

To prove how serious we are, we are distributing 60 ETH to holders over 12 months using the same smart contract for rental deposits. These deposits will continue even if our lands are fully occupied! The more NFT's you hold, the more you'll receive.

Our Roadmap

  1. PHASE 0

    • 300 Genesis Landlord NFT’s
    • Purchase first Metaverse land
  2. PHASE 1 – 0.2 ETH

    • 700 Landlord NFT’s
    • Spend 110 ETH on metaverse Land
    • 1 Sandbox 1x1 Land to random holder
    • 1 ETH across 5 random holders
    • 1 Genesis Landlord NFT to random holder
  3. PHASE 2 – 0.225 ETH

    • 1002 Landlord NFT’s
    • Spend 180 ETH on metaverse Land
    • 1 Sandbox 1x1 Land to random holder
    • 2 Genesis Landlord NFT to random holder
    • 10 Random Landlord NFT’s to Diamond Hands on Discord
  4. PHASE 3 – 0.25 ETH

    • 1002 Landlord NFT’s
    • Spend 200 ETH on metaverse Land
    • 1 Premium Sandbox 1x1 Land to random holder
    • 3 Genesis Landlord NFT to random holders
    • 15 ETH distributed to all holders of 10 Landlords or more
  5. PHASE 4:

    • 1002 Landlord NFT’s
    • Spend 220 ETH on metaverse Land
    • 4 Genesis Landlord NFT to random holders
    • 60 ETH dispersed across all holders over 12 months
    • 20 Random Landlord NFT’s to Diamond Hands on Discord
    • 1 Premium Sandbox 1x1 Land in the Snoop Dogg release to random holder!

NFTs We Are Proud Of

Our Team

The dedicated NFT specialists who are making this project successful

  • Stefan Fiorenti

    Stefan Fiorenti


    From running a successful business in the construction industry for 5 years, and crypto addict since 2018, I have merged my addiction and business mindset to create Landlord NFT.

  • Ian Dorion

    Ian Dorion

    Blockchain Developer

    I did my studies in the field of aerospace but got hooked on IT in early 1995 and creativity is my game. I have been heavily involved in Blockchain development for the last 4 years.

  • Ben Webby

    Ben Webby


    NFT Brand Marketing and Strategy. I help collections create Utility for their holders, engage their community, and tell a good story.

  • Michael Sidor

    Michael Sidor

    Lead Community Moderator

    More than 6 years of experience with digital communities while personally driven to work in emerging markets.

  • Ted Meftah

    Ted Meftah

    Front End Developer

    I have 5+ years of experience working with modern Javascript frameworks, building responsive, performant eCommerce stores, static websites, and single-page applications.


What is an NFT?

An NFT is a non-fungible token. It is a unique piece of digital art stored on the blockchain. NFT's can be owned, sold or bought through secondary sale markets such as Opensea. They can also be used as a utility token for projects.

How can I buy a Landlord NFT?

You will be able to purchase a Landlord NFT from our website when the public sale goes live in early March. You will need to have your Metamask wallet set up to process the transaction.

What will be the cost for a Landlord NFT?

The price of your Landlord NFT will depend on what phase you purchase your Landlord NFT in. The earlier phases will be cheaper, leading to a higher return on investment. The prices can be viewed in our roadmap above.

Will there be a presale?

Yes, 800 members of our discord channel will be eligible for our whitelist. The presale will be hosted in 48 hours before Phase 1 public sale goes live. Whitelisters will have the opportunity to purchase their Landlord NFT at a heavily discounted price of 0.15 ETH before the sale goes public. The quantity of Landlord NFT's minted in the presale will be deducted from Phase 1 allocation.

How will rental income be distributed?

Tenants will pay their rent monthly to Landlord every month. Landlord NFT will collect the months rent from all their lands, then begin then deposit the collected rent into the Vault within the Landlord NFT DAO. 75% will be distributed to NFT holders. 3% will be distributed to Board Members. 22% will be used to fund the project, pay salaries, marketing, and future land acquisitions. Once distributions are inside the vault, NFT holders can choose to leave their profits inside the vault and let it grow with interest, or withdraw their profits and spend it at their leisure.

Why is there only 4006 unique NFT's?

The fewer the NFT's, the larger the slice of rental income each NFT holder will receive. The collection will consist of 3998 random artworks with 65 different traits, 7 amazing 1 of 1's and 1 Legendary! These will not share traits with the 3998 generated NFT's making these extremely rare and exclusive!

Does the project have any methods to maintain high floor price?

Yes! Holding a rare Landlord NFT will ensure you receive double the rental income than a random Landlord NFT. Holding the 1 and only Legendary Landlord NFT will ensure you receive triple the rental income!

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